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A few words about Evini

Evini was born out of a product we had built 3 years previously called WodBoard. We launched that in 2018 as we'd become so unimpressed by the software available in the Crossfit world at the time. Solutions would often go offline for hours at a time, they didn't support modern devices (like apps for mobiles) and regularly made claims about functionality they simply didn't have. I was a regular at a Crossfit gym and yearned for something that would make my life easier. After talking to the gym owners I realised my problems were pretty insignificant compared to theirs and they needed something much, much better to run their business effectively.

We focused hard on the fundamentals of our product - we made everything super easy to use, automated as much as possible and provided deep analytics & reports. We also made sure everything was accessible from a laptop/tablet/mobile so it didn't matter if the gym staff were in the office on a laptop, or on the gym floor using their mobile. The result of all this was gyms saved huge amounts of time doing admin and got valuable new insights into their business. It seems no coincidence that the gyms joining us were seeing their businesses grow at a rate they'd never seen before.

As word continued to spread we continued to add more and more to the software - marketing automation, commerce, multi-location support and much more that I can mention here was added over the years. We soon realised gyms wanted more and more in one place. They didn't want to hack different systems together and wanted a single integrated solution that had everything they needed. Having everything in one place provided many advantages too - it was simple to setup automatic emails congratulating customers on attending 100 sessions for example. We started to focus on becoming the single piece of software to run your health & fitness business and added many features to support that over the following months and years.

As WodBoard grew we had more and more enquiries from non-Crossfit gyms. Could we work for a Yoga studio, a boxing club or a meditation class? We realised the software we had built was really a general booking system suitable for all fitness and health classes, but with some extra Crossfit specific functionality on top. So we worked on making the software adaptable so it knows what kind of facility you are and only showed the relevant bits. We tested this out with a few of our customers and got some great feedback that this product should exist.

The only blocker to us launching at this point was a new brand - WodBoard is very specific to the Crossfit world and if you've never done Crossfit the name won't make much sense at all. And so after a lot of idea generating (and I mean a lot - the fitness world is a very crowed space for brands), we came up with Evini.

Evini is exactly the same software as WodBoard - you get all the bookings, payments, reporting and much much more that you get with WodBoard. You get the battle tested functionality and infrastructure we've built, and of course the ease of use and deep insights. If we deploy an update it's available on both sites at the same time. The software simply knows what type of facility you are and adapts accordingly

It'd be easy to throw in some statistic here about the amount our gyms have grown to date, or a quote from a customers thanking us for helping turn around their business. But actually what interests me most is the number of people who attend these facilites that are more into their health and wellness as a result of what we've done. These people don't pay us but they do use our software most days and seeing some of the changes has been truly inspirational. And so as I look at what we've built with Evini I couldn't be more excited to share it with the world and see where it takes us.

George Palmer, August 2021Founder & CEO

About Us

Evini is lovingly crafted in London, England. That doesn't really matter much in this day and age though - like most tech companies our outlook is global and most our customers are outside our home country. It does however mean we will be sitting here drinking tea moaning about the weather on another overcast London day!

Established by tech entrepeneur George Palmer, Evini is a privately owned entity established to help health and fitness businesses thrive. Obviously we can't convert new members, run classes or negotiate a new lease for you. But we can help with everything else. Whether that be through easier management of staff, analysis of customer attendances, helping to build your community or any of the other hundred things our software helps with.

We know how hard running a business is and we know well designed software can solve this. With Evini we believe we've built something that really delivers. Join us on this journey or get in touch if you want to know more.